Environmental Innovation

Here at Bristol Water we encourage innovation and we are always looking to push the boundaries. Our Environment Team is award winning and known throughout the Bristol and Somerset as an environment leader. In 2015 we devised the Biodiversity Index Score to improve the environment at all the sites we impact. So when we dig up a road or a field to improve our network we aim to leave it in a better environmental state than when we started.

The Biodiversity Index essentially involves creating an overall numeric score for an area by combining ecological walkover results with habitat value assessments. This baseline can be during works to identify biodiversity features lost, and quantify the amount of environmental enhancement required at a site to offset this. We are using this new approach on all our projects going forward.

The scheme was trialled at during the construction of our Millmarsh reservoir and was awarded the Green Apple for environmental best practise.

Project such as this prove to be a challenge not only for the environment team but also the design engineers who need to be mindful of the reinstatement, the public relations team who need to communicate to good work we are doing and the construction partners who need to do things they don’t normally do.

Projects such as this prove that to work at Bristol Water you need to think differently and be prepared to be an industry leader.



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