Increasing meter installations

The water industry is very different to most businesses out there. We have a little quirk in that we are one of very few businesses that encourage customers to use less of our product. The amount of water we have to store, treat and distribute to our customers is dependent on rainfall and as rainfall can be unpredictable we need to waste as little water as possible. One of the most effective ways we can do this is to have as many customers as possible on a water meter. This helps us detect leaks sooner and meters are also proven to lower customer’s water usage.

In 2016 we launched a new policy water meter policy which means that customers will automatically have a water meter fitted when moving into a new property. Projects like this touch many of our teams from metering (clearly) to procurement to communications to customer services; everyone has a part to play. Multi-faceted projects such as this mean you could be inputting your area of expertise as well as being stretched outside of your comfort zone.

This project will be constantly evolving and we will be looking at further improvements we can make and more ways to encourage customers to switch to a meter.

So, in a shameless plug, once you have finished applying for a new role with Bristol Water hop back to the main site and look at having a meter fitted!


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