Major Capital Schemes

The water industry works in five year investment periods known as AMPs. We are currently in AMP6 which runs from 2015 until 2020. During these AMP periods we have a number of major capital schemes in which we invest millions in our infrastructure to improve the quality of services to our 1.2 million customers.

During this AMP we are undertaking one of the biggest projects in our 170 year history, the Southern Resilience Scheme. This is a £27 million scheme that will help us improve water supply to over 280,000 customers in our area. At the heart of the scheme is our aim to provide customers from Weston-super-Mare to the southern parts of Bristol and across Somerset with a more secure water supply. We will do this by installing 30km of new water main between Barrow Gurney and Cheddar via Banwell, carrying out upgrades to the pumping station at Cheddar and building a new reservoir at Hutton. With the population of Somerset expected to increase by over 100,000 people by 2030, the new main will also help us to keep residents and businesses in water, both now and in the future.

This is clearly a massive engineering task, building, testing and commissioning the new pipeline means our engineering staff are working hard and constantly pushing themselves. A scheme this size, however, is not only a huge engineering task buts it is a mammoth public relations, environmental, land agent, procurement and finance task. Projects this size have people from all over the business working together giving their expert advice as well as working outside of what they know.

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